Globox's House

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Globox's House
Globox's House
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Hub The Menhir Hills, the Canopy, Whale Bay, the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, the Tomb of the Ancients

Lums 30 Familiar Spirits 0

Globox's House is a location exclusive to Rayman Revolution, and is the second of the three free-roaming hub levels which make up the Front and replace the Hall of Doors. It is also where the Globox family lives in this version.


Globox's House is located high on the mountain cliffs and has lots of grass. Sights included are the Teensie Circle, the Magic Well, Ly's Stele and Globox's house itself. Globox's house is large and wooden, shaped like an upright cuboid. They have a garden right at the edge of the cliffs where the baby Globoxes play football, as it is nice and clear with no bushes or trees in the way. There is a well which takes them underground to the Skull Cave, the entrance to the Tomb of the Ancients, but it is hard to get to as there is a lake of lava in the way. The Globoxes also have two beaches, one which leads to the Whale Bay, the other which leads to the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. There are two pirate strongholds here, one near Ly's Stele which leads to the Menhir Hills, and the other on the beach which leads to the Whale Bay.

In the game

Meet Clark

When Rayman first arrives at Globox's House, he is in the company of Clark the Giant. However, Clark has run away to the Menhir Hills to fight pirates. Rayman can follow him, or alternatively meet the Teensies at the Teensie Circle where a portal leading back to the Minisaurus Plain is active. (Obviously, the plain can also be returned to by backtracking). The Magic Well is located near here, as is Ly's Stele. Rayman can also go to the actual house, where he will find the baby Globoxes crying because their father is still held captive. Uglette will beg Rayman to help her husband, but the passage to the the Canopy is blocked by a landslide. Rayman can go down into the well, but Whale Bay is blocked by pirate guards, the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire is inaccessible and has a large tentacle guarding it, the Rainbow Creek blockaded by a second door, and the Skull Cave (and ultimately the Tomb of the Ancients) cannot be reached because of lava. Therefore, the only real option open is the Menhir Hills. When Rayman returns after finding Clark injured, little will have changed at Globox's House, aside from the Teensies now talk about the Cave of Bad Dreams. The first major changes begin to occur when Rayman has cleared the Menhir Hills.

Rescue Globox

After he has completed the Menhir Hills, the Teensies will tell Rayman that a shell has appeared by the entrance. Rayman can use this to clear the landslide blocking the Canopy and finally begin his mission to free Globox.

Rescue Carmen

With Globox free, things have cheered up around the house. The babies now play football, and Uglette and Globox will thank Rayman for his efforts. However, the Teensies will inform him that Carmen the Whale has been captured. One of the children will offer to come with Rayman down the well to open the way to Whale Bay. Once there, Rayman must get past the pirates and place the baby in a tube which leads to the other side of the locked door, so the child can open it from there. Although the player is encouraged to use stealth, they can also choose to just beat the pirates and place the baby.

The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire

Now the quest for the second mask can begin. Rayman must recruit Globox from his house and journey with him down the well to the previously inaccessible entrance to the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. However, Globox will use his Rain Dance to make a flower grow, which Rayman can use to reach the door. Carmen will also appear and remove the tentacle, so Rayman can finally search for the mask.

Under siege

With two masks delivered to Polokus Rayman's quest at Globox's House is over for the time being. He must bypass the large door set up to block the Rainbow Creek, and as before Clark will help him in this. Before they go, Clark warns him that the pirates are planning an attack. Once Clark smashes the door, the two encounter some pirates which the giant quickly dispatches, before chasing a few more to the Rainbow Creek. This may be a trap, however, as once Rayman is alone the Spyglass Pirate appears and sets a huge troop of pirates on him. Rayman must fight them off alone before he can continue to the Creek.

Globox is captured - again!

During his time at the Rainbow Creek, the pirates will take many of the baby Globoxes hostage in the Pirate Mines. When Globox tries to intervene, he too is captured and taken to the Prison Ship. If Rayman returns here after these terrible events, the remaining baby Globoxes will once again be in tears, and Uglette will explain that Globox has disappeared.

One last call

After obtaining the third mask at the Rainbow Creek, the Teensies will give Rayman some horrible news. Clark has been captured. To free him, Rayman must travel to the Skull Cave in the well and find the Tomb of the Ancients. Although this initially seems impossible, Ly will explain to Rayman that he can still use his super helicopter over lava, and as a result the Skull Cave is now accessible.

Nothing left to do here

Now Globox's House is completely cleared. Once Rayman has found all the Yellow Lums and cages there, the Teensies will urge him to hurry back to the Rainbow Creek to free Globox.


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