Muse of the poets

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Muse of the poets
Alignment Unknown

Appears in
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Sex Female
Species Unknown
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Relatives Polokus (husband)

Teensies (children)

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Despite their bizarre appearance and behaviour, the Teensies are old and wise. According to legend, they are the sons of Polokus and the muse of the poets. This woman of infinite beauty was so ashamed of her descendants that she left and hid in the forest, to Polokus's great regret...

The muse of the poets is a legendary character in the Rayman series. She has never made an appearance in the games, and is mentioned only in supplemental material.

According to the official strategy guide released in France to accompany Rayman 2: The Great Escape, the muse of the poets was a beautiful woman, and the wife or partner of Polokus, the god who created the Glade of Dreams. When their children – the Teensies – were born, the muse was disgusted by them, so she abandoned her family and hid herself in an unknown forest.

The origins of the muse of the poets are unknown. She may have been a creation of Polokus, a creation of another deity, or a deity in her own right. According to the Knowledge of the World, the only creatures Polokus created before the Teensies were the fairies, which suggests that the muse may have been one herself. It is unknown if she will ever appear in any Rayman games.

The name muse of the poets is a reference to the Muses of Greek mythology. These muses were a group of nine goddesses who granted inspiration to artists. Four of the Muses – Erato, Euterpe, Polyhymnia and Calliope – were believed to govern various types of poetry, but it is unknown if the muse in the Rayman series is intended to be analogous to any of them in particular. The series makes several other references to Greek mythology – for example, Count Razoff's grandmother is said to be Artemis; this is an allusion to the Greek hunter-goddess of the same name (who is incidentally the half-sister of the Muses).