Scissor Bird

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Scissor Bird
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins (scrapped)
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Resistance Unknown
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Scissor Birds are scrapped bird enemies from Rayman Origins. Their official name is unknown. Scissor Birds have unique beaks, which are long and sharp, resembling scissors. Despite their absensce in the final version of the game, Scissor Birds appeared in the Daily Bubble, along with other scrapped characters such as Soldiers; they also made an appearance in several pages of the artbook The Art of Rayman Origins, fighting Rayman and his friends, and sleeping at the Snoring Tree with the Mocking Bird and other birds.In appearance, Scissor Birds have a long, crimson-coloured beak, with a purple tongue, and a dark-red pear-shaped body with a white spot on the belly; they also bear small wings, and much like Globox, they don't appear to have legs, but a pair of floating brown-coloured claws. They have four feathers on the head: two brown feathers, a yellow feather and a purple feather. Their original role in the game is unknown, as there are no screenshots or gameplay videos featuring them, but by their notable relation with the clan of birds, it is presumable that they were intended to be enemies from the Desert of Dijiridoos.