Mocking Bird

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Mocking Bird
Mocking Bird
Alignment Bad then good

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
Location Grumbling Grottos

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Resistance 3 HP
Attacks Inhale, headbutt, contact

Sex Female
Species Bird

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The Mocking Bird is a boss who appears in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.


I'm free! Did I fall out of a tree?
—The Mocking Bird, after being released from the grasp of her nightmare form, Rayman Origins

The Mocking Bird is a massive bird enemy, and the boss of the Grumbling Grottos in Rayman Origins. The heroes must defeat her, along with the other Kings, in order to open the Dreamer's Door. She appears in the level To Bubblize a Mocking Bird, where the heroes find her sleeping in her nest. The heroes disturb her from her sleep by hanging from her braided tail; she awakens, attacking the heroes in a grumpy rage as her nest falls. She tries to charge towards the ground to attack the heroes, where they will need to duck to avoid her attack, then hit the bubo on her belly as she flies by. If the heroes fail to hit the bubo in time before she flies away, the bird will come back, aerial attacking the heroes with eggs, before trying to attack the heroes on the ground again. After the heroes successfully hit the bubo, an updraft is created, which the heroes will need to use so they can fly, as the bird returns to knock down the didgeridoo below. She then returns to attack, flying by with some big birds behind her this time, which the heroes will need to attack to avoid being hurt, while also accumulating Lums for it. When she returns, she tries to crush the heroes into the didgeridoo above by headbutting them; this creates a second bubo on her head, which the heroes will need to hit, though if not hit in time, the bird will return a couple of times with more big birds to attack them. After the second bubo is hit, she headbutts the didgeridoo above again, knocking it off screen. After this, spiky birds appear, then the bird returns to the center of the area and starts inhaling to try suck in the heroes, while spinning anti-clockwise. The heroes must avoid being sucked in by flying anti-clockwise around her; when she stops attacking, the heroes must quickly grab her braided tail, causing a third bubo to appear on her tongue, which they must hit in order to defeat her. After the heroes defeat her, the bird will shrink, morphing back to her original form.


The Mocking Bird in her true form is small and light brown in colour. She has a brown beak, beaded braids, and two wings. She has three rectrices on her tail, which are orange and yellow in colour. She also wears a wooden crown, and dark brown pants.


  • Comparisons have been drawn between the Mocking Bird boss and the Angry Birds from the mobile game of the same name. However, the similarity was not an intentional reference; the developers needed to create a boss with a circular collision shape.