The Snoring Tree

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The Snoring Tree
The Snoring Tree
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Connected to Land of the Livid Dead

The Snoring Tree is a location in Rayman Origins. It is where Rayman, Globox and the Teensies begin their journey, as they along with the Bubble Dreamer find themselves caged by the Livid Dead. They quickly escape from their cages, while the Bubble Dreamer chooses to stay and meditate. Murfy then appears and informs the goal to the team that they need to collect Electoons throughout the worlds.

The Snoring Tree works as a hub stage, where sixteen bubbles can be found floating around the area. Those bubbles turn into playable characters when unlocked by reaching a certain number of Electoons indicated by Murfy, who holds a sign. The Bubble Dreamer can be found levitating in the center of the area. When a character pulls his beard, the Bubble Dreamer tells the origin, a fact, or a goofy story about said character. There are four bubbles around the Bubble Dreamer, which contain the leading characters: Rayman, Globox, the Green Teensy and the Goth Teensy.

There are two exits from the room in the center of the tree. To the left, the Magician is found next to a door guarded by Mister Death, and advises the gang to bring him skull teeth in order to gain access to the Land of the Livid Dead. In the same place, four bubbles are floating around. Those bubbles contain four skins; these skins in order from left to right are Raybox, Red Globox, Teensy Ray, and GlobTeen.

The exit to the right leads at first to the world map, but later as the game progresses, it leads to an empty room with eight floating bubbles, which contain the other playable characters. At the right end of the room, a spiral door can be seen. It sends players back to the world map.


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