The Funny Photographer

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The Funny Photographer is an activity from Rayman Activity Centre, which is accessible via the world map. In the game's introduction, Betilla, The Magician and the Clown in Love watch on as The Photographer attempts to take a picture of Rayman who keeps fidgeting by mucking around childishly and making monkey noises. By the time the picture is taken, he pulls a grimace. The player is then instructed to unjumble pictures from the Photographer's photo album, which consists of loading and win-screen images from Rayman 1 and Rayman Junior.


The Funny Photographer is a virtual jigsaw game. Unlike the other activities, that play on a linear basis, players can pick which jigsaws they want to complete, and reward animations play after a certain number are completed. This activity does not feature animations halfway through each level as a result. However, for each picture, a Rayman character comments on what is going on. Sometimes they are comments from The Magician that have little to do with the image and other times they are from the perspective of the characters in the image.

Level 1

On the first difficulty setting, an inverted grey scale image of the completed puzzle can be seen as a guideline so players know which piece fits where. After a certain amount of puzzles are complete, the Photographer takes a picture of Rayman with a lion photo board. After the photo is taken, he pulls face and makes attempt to leave, but then starts strangely behaving like a lion, complete with a tail. He then realises what has happened, screams and looks bewildered.

Level 2

The second difficulty setting removes the guidelines, meaning players have to figure out where the pieces go for themselves. This time, the picture is taken with an apple photo board. After the picture is taken, he happily hops out with the body of an apple. A giant worm then pops out of the ground and licks its lips and the sight of him, making attempt to leave the hole. Rayman screams and slowly backs away.

Level 3

The final difficulty setting features smaller jigsaw puzzle pieces. This time, the photo board has a strawberry on it. After the picture is taken, Rayman eats the painting off the board, which gives him a bout of loud hiccups. While attempting to leave the scene, he trips up, and his hiccups result in him turning into a giant strawberry.


  • This activity gives a voice to the Electoons and the Firefly, which is the only time they speak in the whole game.