Great Spirit Palmito

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The Great Spirit Palmito is a mysterious being about whom almost nothing is known. He was sleeping in the Land of the Livid Dead, but was awoken by the singing and incantations of the Griskins, a tribe of Teensies. Aggravated, the Great Spirit Palmito wiped out the entire Griskin tribe, and imprisoned their ghosts in a great tower, where their singing wouldn't wake up any more sleeping spirits.

However, Rayman freed the Griskins' ghosts from their prison during Rayman 3, while he and Globox freed a few of them from the Hoodlums Cages, while on their way to visit the second Teensie doctor, Romeo. Whether the singing of the freed Griskins reawakened Palmito, or any other spirits, is unknown.


  • The name comes from the designer Olivier 'Palmito' Palmieri who worked on the game.