Kung Fu Combo!

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Kung Fu Combo!
Perform a swipe-to-air Kick Combo!
—Trophy/Gamerscore achievement description, Rayman Origins

Kung Fu Combo! is one of the unlockable trophies from Rayman Origins for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and one of the unlockable Gamerscore achievements from the Xbox 360 version. Unlocking it will reward a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita player with a bronze trophy, and an Xbox 360 player with 15G.

Tips and tricks

  • The player earns this reward by attacking an enemy in the following sequence, by pressing the following buttons: "Down button + Attack button" when beside an enemy, then immediately "Jump button" and at the same time "Up button + Attack button". This attack can only be used against walking enemies such as Lividstones, Darktoons and Baby Dragon Chefs, and can't be performed on enemies like Psychlops or Red Birds.

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