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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Jungle Run, Rayman Legends
Location Various

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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Contact

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Species Nightmare of Polokus

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Psychlops are bat-winged creatures with one eye, sharp teeth, and spiky skin which appear in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, Rayman Jungle Run, and Rayman Fiesta Run.


Psychlops are very similar to Black Lums. They have dark blue skin, and two bat-like wings. Their mouth is large with fangs, and they only have one eye.

In Rayman Origins

Psychlops are encountered very early in the game, being the very first enemy the heroes come across. They are either found sleeping or bouncing in one place when encountered by the heroes. If the heroes get too close to a Psychlops without quickly attacking it, it will deploy its spikes; if this happens, the heroes will need to move away until they retract their spikes, otherwise they can't be defeated and the heroes will get hurt. Unless they have been startled and are protruding their spikes, their eye is always half-closed. They seem to have an alliance with the Darktoons and the Livid Dead, since they are with them in the Land of The Livid Dead in the opening cutscene of Rayman Origins. They appear in the Jibberish Jungle, Gourmand Land, the Sea of Serendipity, Mystical Pique, and the Luscious Lakes.

Psychlops cannot be inhaled and swallowed by a mosquito, as the spikes will hurt the heroes.

In Polar Pursuit, the heroes will encounter eleven psychlops which are flying; if the heroes managed to bounce on each one in succession without hitting the water, the player will unlock the Boing! Boing! Boing! achievement/trophy if they are playing on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita.

In Rayman Legends

Psychlops appear in levels from the Back to Origins painting. Their eye is always wide open in this game.

In Rayman Jungle Run

Psychlops appear in the Giant plant world from this game. They can be seen in the levels Collapsing grounds, Rayman and the temple of doom, Vertical Draft, Pit of salvation, and Yes you can!!!.

There is also an unlockable wallpaper of a psychlops in the image gallery.

In Rayman Fiesta Run

Psychlops appear in the levels "Cake Park", "Chocolate island", "Spike me if you can", "Unstable tool", "Boiling kitchen", "The 3 Elements", "Fisty-cuffs!", "Where are the brakes?", "A strange pool", "Tasty rayman", and "Cool loop".

The player will unlock the "Psychlops hunter" achievement if they eliminate twenty Psychlops.


  • Red Birds, blowfish, and devilbobs behave very similarly to psychlops.
  • Psychlops are slightly similar in appearance to baby caterpillars from Rayman 2, and black Lums from Rayman 3.
  • Psychlops are named "Janod" in the game files, which is a reference to the surname of the person who designed them, Michaël Janod.[1]
  • Gauntlets resembling psychlops appear in the game Brawlhalla as a weapon skin for Raymesis.


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