Magma Mayhem

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Magma Mayhem
Magma Mayhem'
Hoodlum Hideout Vertigo Wastes
Haunted Dreams

Lums 45 Cages 0

Magma Mayhem is the seventh level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and the first level of the Haunted Dreams world. It is also the first kart-racing level in the game. This level is replaced by Ly's Punch Challenge 1 in the N-Gage port of the game.


Deep in a underground cavern of lava, this level is a racecourse using 3D effects similar to that in the Swamps of Begoniax, but instead of water-skiing, Rayman is riding inside some kind of bumper kart that bounces off certain objects such as giant rubber balls, much to both his advantages and disadvantages. The course has three laps, all of which have to be completed within the time limit, otherwise Rayman will lose not only a life, but all the Yellow Lums he collected. The same happens if he loses all 5 of his health points.

There are 45 Yellow Lums to collect here, but no cages.


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