Heart of the Ancients

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Heart of the Ancients
Heart of the Ancients
Ly's Punch Challenge 2 Lum Challenge
Pirate Stronghold

Lums 0 Cages 0

Heart of the Ancients is the twenty-ninth level of the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and the last level of the game's main storyline. It is where the final boss – a second encounter with Admiral Razorbeard and the Grolgoth – awaits Rayman. As this is a boss level, there are no Yellow Lums or cages to be found.

Phase 1

First, reminiscing the strategy used once in the Crow's Nest in Rayman 2, the Grolgoth will shoot helicopter bombs at Rayman, who would have to shoot at them back at it. The Grolgoth will also produce bombs that enlarge themselves, giving Rayman less elbow room. Here, it will take five hits for the robot to be defeated.

The background of the second phase contains a mysterious sculpture

Phase 2

In this phase, Rayman must manoeuvre a flying vehicle through underground ruins to manipulate the Grolgoth's homing missiles into hitting it rather than himself. This must be done five times to defeat the Grolgoth, all while avoiding the robot's bomb attacks. The battle is similar to Rayman's clash with Céloche in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, and his alternative battle with the Grolgoth in the PlayStation version of Rayman 2.

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