River of Fire

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River of Fire
River of Fire
Swamp of Bégoniax 2 The Underlands

Lums 40 Cages 4

River of Fire is the fifteenth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and the first level of the Magmacosm world. In this level, which reminisces the plum-riding sections of the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, Rayman must ride these plums through rivers of lava while avoiding helicopter bombs.


Phase 1

There are two cages and 15 Yellow Lums to be found in this phase.

Phase 2

This phase contains one cage and 13 Yellow Lums.

Phase 3

This phase features one cage and twelve Yellow Lums. When Rayman finishes this area, Ly the Fairy will grant him the power to fly with his super helicopter by harnessing the power of Blue Lums.

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