Prickly Passage

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Prickly Passage
Prickly Passage
Mega Havoc 2 Ly's Punch Challenge 1
Haunted Dreams

Lums 45 Cages 2

Prickly Passage is the twelfth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3. Reminiscing the Menhir Hills in Rayman 2, this level centres around riding on a tame walking shell to cross a path teeming with thorny nettles. It is found in Haunted Dreams on the World Map.


Phase 1

In an environment much like that of the Hoodlum Hideout, Rayman comes across a walking shell, but this time he can tame and ride on it, as Murfy appears on demand and explains. While riding, he can jump as well as boost, which is useful for avoiding the hanging spiky fruits. The thorny path also has loop-de-loops which also cause him to automatically boost. It is possible to collect all 20 Yellow Lums and break the cage for the first time here.

Phase 2

This time there are more obstacles to dodge and many more pits to jump over. There are 25 Yellow Lums and a cage here, but Rayman will need to backtrack this particular area because he needs the super helicopter power to make use of the Blue Lums that are present here.

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