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The look of Rayman Pirate Community's main page

The Rayman Pirate-Community, commonly abbreviated to Pirate-Community or PC, has been the largest Rayman community since the first deletion of the RaymanZone forums on December 20th 2004. It was founded on August 8th 2003 by Hunchman801, an ex-moderator of the French and English sections of RaymanZone, shortly after he was unfairly banned. Pirate-Community can currently be found at www.raymanpc.com.


Pirate-Community was originally meant to be the fusion of four fan sites (RaymanBD, RaymanTCG, RaymanEncyclo, and MetalGearRayman), but soon became an influent and active internet portal, thanks to its forum, which purpose was to provide a fair and free place for Rayman fans, in opposition to the arbitrary bans occuring on RaymanZone. The first three fan sites were later merged into RayMind, while the last one was discontinued.

However, the three most important Pirate-Community websites are now RayTunes, founded on June 20th 2006 by Drolpiraat, RayWiki, founded on January 4th 2008 by Hunchman801, and RaySaves, founded on 21st April 2013 by RoboticTeensie. Even though Pirate-Community is still mostly visited for its forums, these websites have become references on the internet.

On February 25th 2009, a new Rayman 3 Hall of Fame[1] was created on Pirate-Community, in order to replace the official one, which was long discontinued.

The community has also seen partnerships and affiliation with Rayman Fanpage, another unofficial Rayman fansite, The IRIS Network, a wiki for the Beyond Good and Evil franchise and Haruka's YouTube channel, containing walkthroughs for many games in the Rayman series.

The community celebrated its tenth birthday on August 8th, 2013, with a new theme for the board making its debut for the celebration. As of that date, there were over 797,000 posts in total. In 2015, the community's 1,000,000th post was made, to celebrate, a new banner was put up, and Tings for the day were doubled.

The RaySaves facility was added to the Pirate-Community servers on February 8th 2014, it currently hosts save game files for the PC versions of Rayman and Rayman 3.

On October 30th 2016, the forums were updated to phpBB 3.1, bringing many new features to the boards.

As of April 1st 2017, more than 1,182,200 messages have been posted on Pirate-Community.


Pirate-Community has had many changes to its appearance since its conception, initially using existing themes with Rayman-related icons on top. The original theme used by the forums was the subSilver theme for phpBB2[2], it moved to using the Solaris theme in 2005-2006, and currently uses a proprietary theme designed by Hunchman801, Matyuv and Hoodcom.

It has also seen changes in appearance in celebration of holiday events, in addition to community specific events such as its 10th anniversary.



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