Spoiled Rotten

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Spoiled Rotten
Spoiled Rotten
What the Duck? Run for your Life
World Fiesta de los Muertos

RL-Teensy.png 10

150 Lums
300 Lums
450 Lums
600 Lums

Spoiled Rotten is the second level of Fiesta de los Muertos, the third world of Rayman Legends. In this level, the heroes will cross many obstacles in their way, and use funnels to shrink down in size.


This level is one big area. Upon entry, the team come across continuously downward moving cooking elements. Just underneath is sharp remains that the players cannot touch. Nearby is a funnel that allows Rayman and his friends to shrink and get across places they can't when in normal size. Shortly after, they will enter another funnel to grow back. The first secret area can be found by reaching a different funnel; it will launch the heroes onto a chain close to the area on the left. The first Skull Coin can be collected by shrinking down and entering in one of the lower openings in a watermelon. Now the heroes will have to climb up many platforms to get to the top. The second secret area is located near the bottom of that spot. The team will stay shrunk for a while. Now back to normal size, the second Skull Coin is located at the top left of another spot of downward moving platforms. After some more advancing, the team encounters many moving sausages, flames and blades. They must get to the bottom to find the very close by ending spot of the level.

Queen Teensie area

The team enters a funnel to grow to normal size. They must slide down the slippery cheese platforms while destroying Devilbobs and avoiding blades to get to the Teensie cage.

King Teensie area

The second secret area.

All the team has to do is kick the soccer ball at the right spot at the right time to destroy the cage.

Spoiled Rotten - Invaded
Spoiled Rotten - Invaded
World Fiesta de los Muertos

RL-Teensy.png 3

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This level is invaded by enemies from Olympus Maximus. It features Minotaurs and homing swords.

It is unlocked once the original level finished and if the player(s) get far enough in the world Olympus Maximus.

The level is the beginning of the original one, reversed. This part goes to the first giant watermelon, where the start line of the invaded level is. The player(s) can use funnels in order to get to the finish line. They will encounter Minotaurs (purple and red), and homing swords when they are close to the end.

All the way through the level, there are Minotaurs on the background and the foreground. On the Wii U version, the player controlling Murfy (in multi-player only) can tap them to get some extra Lums.

Name in other languages

  • French : Pourri gâté
  • Spanish : Podrido y estropeado
  • German : Faule früchtchen
  • Italian : Puzzo marcio
  • Dutch : Rotverwend
  • Japanese : W3-2 「キッチンの裏側で」

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