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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Revolution
Location Skull Cave

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Tentacle blow

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Species Unknown

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The giant tentacle is an invincible enemy which appears exclusively in Rayman Revolution, blocking the entrance to the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire.

This enemy will attack if Rayman gets too close, and cannot be passed until Carmen the whale is freed.

The tentacle may be connected to the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, perhaps placed there as a guardian to prevent trespassers from entering.


The tentacle is giant and upright, emerging from the sea far below. It is purple except in the Japanese version of Rayman Revolution, where it is pink instead.


  • The arms and the Nettles, other enemies from Rayman 2, appear and behave in a similar fashion. Although they too are effectively invincible, Rayman's attack will at least force them to retract for a short time.
Rayman is hit by the tentacle
The tentacle in the Japanese version of Rayman Revolution