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Alignment Good

Appears in Picture City
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Sex Female
Species Electoon Human
Status Student

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About Me (Boring bit)

  • Name - Electoon (in the Rayman Community) - more commonly Cuddlesnowy or bekyjewell
  • Age - 25
  • Gender - Female
  • Country - England
  • Rayman's World Residence - Picture City
  • Occupation - Student
  • Hobbies - Writing, making comics, animating, reading, performing in pantomimes, playing the flute
  • Consoles owned - SEGA Mastersystem (first console), Sony Playstation x2, Sony Playstation 2, SEGA Megadrive, SEGA Dreamcast, NES, N64, Nintendo Wii, Atari Video Computer System, GBA SP x2, GBA, NDS x 2 (although only one is truely mine :P), SEGA Gamegear, Sony PSP 3000 x2, Sega Saturn, Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Lite = too many?
  • First Video Game - Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Rayman Stuff

  • Rayman fan since - Christmas 1999
  • First Rayman game - Rayman 1 (Playstation)
  • First Rayman game owned - " "
  • Latest Rayman game purchased - Rayman Legends (Wii U)
  • Favourite Rayman game - Rayman 1 and it's spinoffs
  • Least favourite Rayman game - Rayman 3
  • RPC member since - December 2010
  • RPC status - Active member

List of Rayman games owned





  • Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (with box and manual





Xbox 360:

Wii U:


Currently Seeking:

  • French with Rayman

Other Rayman Tidbits Owned

  • Rayman Zone Magazine (although I haven't seen my copy in years, and I bet if I did find it all the pages would have gone.)
  • Rayman Tote Bag (now this part of the magazine I still have!)
  • Rayman 2 - Prima's Official Strategy Guide (N64 Edition)
  • A bunch of Rabbids merchandise I won at an arcade XD