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The Jonster
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Favourite game Rayman 3
Favourite character Why, the limbless wonder, of course :)

Gender male
Age 26
Location in front of my computer

Interests Gaming, traveling, food, computers, coding (on occasion), technology, and music
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Welcome! My name is The Jonster, and I'm just your average nice guy who loves playing video games and helping people by encouraging them to do their best, though I also love a good chat. I have a been a fan of video games since I was a kid, and Rayman was the first series that I was immediately hooked into. Even though I have branched out to other video game series since then, I have never forgotten about my love for Rayman and that love still stands today.

My Rayman Journey

Rayman Advance

Well it all started when I first got a GBA at either 7-8 and got a copy of Rayman Advance from my sister. Yes, I know, not a very good version of Rayman 1, but I grew up with it so it was always special to me, though I admit that I wasn't very good at first though I eventually was able to master it. I've since obtained a true version of Rayman 1, but this version will always be special to me. It got me started on the series after all!

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

I got this game 2 years later, and boy it was one of the most detailed and amazing games I've played! I used to spend hours working on it so I could finish it. It always was curious to see where lums were hiding, and I think the developers did a very well job in creating this game. It's one of my favourite games in the series, after Hoodlum Havoc and Origins.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Probably my favourite game in the series, though Origins might give it a run also, this game has a lot of special memories for me. Got this one a couple years after Rayman 2, though when I got mine it had 3 discs and each one had to be inserted at a certain point to continue play. Still the game was very interesting to me, and one of the best parts in my opinion would be the soundtrack. But then again, all the Rayman soundtracks sound good, no?

Rayman Origins

After about 12 years of not getting another Rayman game, I finally obtained Rayman Origins about 2 months ago. I actually have a friend who's a fellow RPC member who talked with me quite a bit about how amazing the artwork is and how great the game is, and after finishing it withing 6 days of starting, I have to say he was definitely right, everything about this game is amazing and the characters just looked so goofy and happy all the time, and seeing them like that made me smile, much like the way I did when I first played Rayman Advance.

Rayman Legends

I bought this game sometime this year, and started in the middle of April and finished the game for the first time near the end of May. The gameplay was great, the music beautiful, and I generally just had a lot of fun playing.

My stance on the Rabbids

I don't really mind them and they're kinda funny to be honest, though I don't think they really fit in that well in Rayman's world and I think they are better off separated into their own series. I think if the first game had been made into a platformer originally it might have performed much better and maybe the Rabbids wouldn't be as hated and maybe I'd have a different opinion, though I'm not saying it's a bad game.

My Rayman games (both owned and formerly owned)

Other Ubisoft Games I have

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