Bounce to the sky

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Bounce to the sky
Bounce to the sky
The Burning Dungeon Hot Duck
World Murfy's Challenges

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Bounce to the sky is the second level in the PlayStation Vita exclusive Murfy's Challenges. The level is based on the Toad Story theme.


The game begins in a similar setting to that of the Winds of Strange. The player has to move vertically moving platforms out of the way of the hero, as well as moving bouncy objects, similar to flower bumpers. Using these the hero will move upwards in the level while a fire from below is slowly rising upwards. Before reaching the first Skull Coin there are a few one-eyed spiky creatures the player has to tap to make them non-harmful to the hero. Next to the Skull Coin is a horizontally moving platform with wind attached below it. The player has to move this to the right while the hero is flying in the wind area to avoid falling down. After this a similar platform is located, although this time the windy area is on top and the platform moves diagonally upwards to the right. Using this the player can help the hero reach some bouncy objects, another windy platform and finally safe ground on a beanstalk.

After this yet another platform with wind on top is located, although this top moving straight upwards where the hero will wall run in a half circle on some beanstalks with a Skull Coin being located in the area. The hero will then bounce off of some bouncy objects, have the hero tap some spiky on-eyed creatures, do some more wall running, reach another windy platform and eventually reach the end of the level on the left side of the top. Finishing this level will unlock the character Glob Cell.