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The ability to wall run is a power in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. The power is granted to Rayman and company by the nymph Helena Handbasket in the level Moseying the Mountain. After rescuing her from the clutches of a Darktoon, she grants the heroes the ability to scale walls simply by running on to them, causing them to run up vertically. This power seems to be limitless, as there is no maximum time the heroes can be running up a wall, granted that there is still a wall to run up along. The power also allows for walking on ceilings. By running up a wall that is connected to the ceiling, the team will scale the wall, run up a curve and loop round to find himself on the ceiling. Certain moves, such as jumping, will get him off the ceiling, whereas one form of attack is still possible, without causing him to fall down.

The power is later on used in some of the more challenging parts of the game, to increase the need for jumping around. It will often be used in combination with hazards, either as a way to avoid them, like when avoiding a jet of fire, or as a way to be a path straight into them, such as when blades come falling down.