The Burning Dungeon

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The Burning Dungeon
The Burning Dungeon
Bounce to the sky
World Murfy's Challenges

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The Burning Dungeon is the first level in the PlayStation Vita exclusive Murfy's Challenges. The level is based on the Murfy's Dungeon theme and has the player moving wooden platforms to protect the hero and slapping enemies out of the way. There are a few Skull Coins scattered across the level which the player will have to pull to the hero, while still making sure he stays alive. There is no reward for getting all of the Skull Coins, other than getting to keep the Lums to unlock new heroes.


The level begins like most of the Murfy's Dungeon stages with the player having to switch control over to Murfy. Once past the start of the level it will switch from going moving to the right by having the hero use zip lines to move downwards, while avoiding the ghosts on fire moving along the zip lines. There is one Skull Coin here which the player has to drag over to the hero due to it being out of reach.

Continuing downwards, the player will have to move wooden spiky blocks out of the way from fire coming from both directions while the hero is gliding down. Once at the bottom, the hero will run to the right while the player has to remove obstacles by cutting ropes, moving away blocking wooden spiky blocks and hit ghosts on fire. Eventually a similar section will be reached where the hero will glide down while the player had to move wooden spiky blocks to block the incoming fire. This is where the second Skull Coin is located.

After getting the Skull Coin, the hero will jump off of a stream of water, land and jump off of a Lividstone and land on another zip line where the player will have to kill ghosts on fire while also having wooden spiky blocks from below the zip lines block the incoming fire. In this section is the third Skull Coin. Once it is collected, the hero will jump off of two Lividstones, collect some Lums and closely afterwards reach the end of the level.


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