Hot Duck

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Hot Duck
Hot Duck
Bounce to the sky Run between the lights!
World Murfy's Challenges

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Hot Duck is the third level in the PlayStation Vita exclusive Murfy's Challenges. The level is based on the Fiesta de los Muertos theme.


The level begins with the hero being turned into a duck by a Dark Teensy in a similar setting to the level I've Got a Filling. The path is then blocked by some cake which the player has to remove using Murfy. Once past, a Dragon Chef is breathing fire blocking the path. The player has to remove some cake, holding a spiky block, so it falls and kills the enemy. Afterwards are two more layers of cake holding objects, one with a platform and the other with another spiky block. The player has to remove the first layer of cake only. This is also where the first Skull Coin is located.

Once past, the player will encounter balls of fire bouncing towards the hero. Tapping them will make them go away, thus clearing the path. After that two more Dragon Chefs can be found blocking the path and standing on top of some cake. Removing that will cause them fall down into a pit, allowing the hero to continue. Some spiky cake is then found blocking a path, which once removed reveals a wall the hero can wall run on. Three more layers of cake, two holding platforms and the third one a spiky platform, can then be found. Removing the right amount of cake allows the hero to safely continue.

After this, some bouncy skulls will be encountered which the hero will bounce off of, while the player has to clear the path of the spiky cake. A Lum cage can be found right after this, above some cake which has to be removed to get it. The section right after has the player tapping bouncing fire balls once again, while also avoiding a Dragon Chef. Eventually a section with a layer of cake will appear where the player will have to remove the spiky parts and the parts underneath spiky platforms for the hero to safely get to the end.