Creepy Castle

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Creepy Castle
Creepy Castle
Once upon a Time Enchanted Forest
World Teensies In Trouble

RL-Teensy.png 10

150 Lums
300 Lums
450 Lums
600 Lums

Creepy Castle is the second level of Teensies In Trouble, the first world in Rayman Legends. The level takes place inside, then outside of an old castle, and finishes in a forest, which appears to be the background starting of the next level, Enchanted Forest. Along with Enchanted Forest, it is unlocked once the level Once upon a Time cleared.

Area 1

Rayman and the team of heroes begin inside the castle. They will encounter several enemies such as Lividstones met in the previous level. The heroes will face throughout this area, blades: blocked at the beginning, the players can make them swing by putting their feet on the mechanisms onto the ground. They also will be performing walljumps and sliding on chains. Sometimes walljumping can lead to a Teensie cage. There are also spikes on platforms with gaps. The first secret area can be reached by performing a few walljumps above a small platform. The first Skull Coin of the level is located above one of the chains. After a while, the second Skull Coin can be found near a still blade near the wall.

Queen Teensie area

Once inside the area, Rayman and his friends spot platforms and spiky platforms appearing under strange symbols. When they get closer to them, the platforms vanish. After destroying the Lividstone, the players need to remember which platforms are safe to jump on them one by one in order to reach the queen Teensie trapped in a cage.

Area 2

In this area, green-coloured water appears. Some of the bodies of water are safe to swim in, others are not, as Tentacle claws infest them. The third Skull Coin of the level is near the first Tentacle claw infested water. If the team gets into a nearby body of water and body slams on a skeleton piece, the fourth Skull Coin can be found. Shortly, the team will find several pillowbumpers to bounce on. One can be used to find the close by second secret area. After that, the players will continue on, breaking skeleton bones and sliding on more chains. The fifth Skull Coin is found underneath one of the four Tentacle claws in a body of green water. Later on, more and more Darkroots appear from above and below. The exit is not too far away from when the roots begin to appear more often.

King Teensie area

The team in this area goes outside of the castle. To reach the king Teensie, they must use multiple carnivorous lianas in order to climb up and reach the king that's trapped in a flying cage.

Area 3

Rayman and the other heroes are now outside the castle while its raining. They encounter enemies such as Lividstones and devilbobs. In order to proceed, the players must use chains and jumping from carnivorous lianas. While it is raining, lighting sometimes occur in the background — this visual effect will be taken back in the invaded version of Once upon a Time. Once the team reaches a blue mushroom spring, they are carried into a forest. Then after touching a group of butterflies, a platform will now move up and down. The sixth Skull Coin is found below the ending part of the level. After reaching that spot, the players then will count the total amount of Lums that were collected.

Creepy Castle - Invaded
Creepy Castle - Invaded
World Teensies In Trouble

RL-Teensy.png 3

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This level is invaded by enemies from 20,000 Lums Under the Sea. The level is unlocked once the original level completed, and if the player gets far enough in the world 20,000 Lums Under the Sea.

The level is the entire first section of the original version, but the notable change due to the specifics of the invasion mode is that most of the level is flooded by a green-coloured water (in which the characters can swim). Giant-sized vines (which have probably grown up due to the huge amount of water) and Underwater Toads will try to prevent the player from freeing the Teensies located at the end of the first section in the normal level. The blades from the original level are stuck into a pre-defined position. Giant mines are located near the end of the level, underwater.

Name in other languages

  • French : Château hanté
  • Spanish : Castillo del terror
  • German : Spukschloss
  • Italian : Castello dei brivido
  • Dutch : Griezelkasteel
  • Japanese : W1-2 「不気味なからくり城」

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