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Gendoors are objects in the original Rayman game, Rayman Junior and Rayman Designer which trigger certain events. There are three types of gendoors available; normal gendoors, sparkling gendoors and Ting gendoors.

In Rayman and its spin-offs

Linking a gendoor to a cloud in Rayman Designer.

Normal gendoor

Normal gendoors are the most commonly used ones and appear numerous times in the original Rayman game. In most versions of the game, most gendoors are invisible. Those that are visible are shown as sparkles. In the Game Boy Advance version and the DSi version, all gendoors are visible. They trigger an event when Rayman comes within its range. In the original Rayman they usually trigger cages or lives to appear.

In Rayman Designer, there are several types of normal gendoors available. There is the super gendoor, gendoor size 1, gendoor size 2, gendoor size 3 and gendoor size 4. The super gendoor saves its action upon the player dying, while the others reset. The size determines the range of the gendoor. Size 2 has a 50% larger range than size 1, size 3 has a 100% larger range than size 1 and size 4 has the same range as a Ting.

Sparkling gendoor

Sparkling gendoors act like normal gendoors except that they need to be punched with Rayman's fist in order to be activated. A sparkling gendoor is always visible. These only appear in Rayman Designer and its spin-offs.

The different Ting colours.

Ting gendoor

Ting gendoors are activated once all Tings of a specified colour, except for the normal blue, have been collected. These only appear in Rayman Designer and its spin-offs.

Similar appearances in other games

Butterflies in Rayman Legends and Rayman Adventures act similarly to gendoors.

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