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A flying phial containing a heart and a regular phial containing a Platformman.

Phials and flying phials are small crystal bottles scattered through the Glade of Dreams in Rayman Origins. A phial can be easily broken by a hero with one single hit; these items contain magic creatured inside, more essentially, hearts and Platformmen (the last ones only available at the Jibberish Jungle), which can help the players during their journey. Flying phials, unlike regular phials, bear a pair of pink bat-like wings, and can be seen floating statically in the air; however, their resistance and effect is the same. Phials highly resemble the Musician's super helicopter potion from the original Rayman game. Flying phials also appear during mosquito sequences and can be broken just by touching them; they can also bring the heart (or the respective 5 Lums) when shot from the distance.