Don't Trample the Flowers

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Don't Trample the Flowers
Don't Trample the Flowers
Shoot for the Stars The Mamma of All Nightmares
World Land of the Livid Dead

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Don't Trample the Flowers, titled Land of the Livid Dead on the world map, is a level in Rayman Origins. It consists of the four first parts of the Land of the Livid Dead, the game's optional final world. It is named for the carnivorous red tulips that can be found growing out of the earth, and which harm the team of characters if they come into contact with them. The level's name is not given in the game itself, but is mentioned in one of the files on the disc.

Part 1

From the beginning point of the level, a Granny comes walking to Rayman and the team. These enemies will be encountered throughout, as well as tulips and Darkroots. Dangerous purple water appears later in the area. The area itself is a scary place, resembling a cemetery in the foreground, while the background consists of towering structures connected by arching bridges.

Part 2

The second part begins with the players being chased by flying creatures. They must run from them, while avoiding Darkroots and Grannies while also keeping up with the Snake of the Dead, which the players must use as a platform at times. After this, the team must run up falling bone-like platforms and coffins while avoiding circular blades and spiky creatures. Strangely enough, there are strings of lights similar to Christmas lights hanging in the foreground here. Once the heroes reach the top, they must then keep up with a coffin that moves to the right while flipping end over end which needs to be used as a platform. Along the way, the players must fight Grannies and stay ahead of the Darkroot coming from behind.

Part 3

The third part of the level is similar to the first both in scenery and in the fact that the team must once again avoid Grannies, tulips, and Darkroots. This part is more complex than the first area, though. The players must use large eyes to bounce over some obstacles, walljump up between coffins at one point, and cross platforms that fall when they land on them.

Part 4

The fourth part involves more Grannies the heroes must fight and flames coming from many directions. Shortly into the level, the team must use their glide power to go down between two towers covered in tombstones while avoiding flames and at one point, a Darkroot growing down from above.

Part 5

Main article: The Mamma of All Nightmares

The fifth part, consisting only of the boss fight against Big Mama, is known as the Mamma of All Nightmares.

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