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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Contact, Handbag attack.

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Grannies are rare enemies in Rayman Origins. They are a race of violent zombie-like old ladies who only inhabit the Land of the Livid Dead, an optional level. According to the game's introduction, they seem to have an alliance with Darktoons and Psychlops.


Grannies have variable appearances, some have long, white haircuts with bones inside and wear a purple dress, while others have brown hair, wear glasses and a blue dress. All of the grannies have light-green skin and robust bodies, and they have walking sticks and handbags, which they use as weapons to attack the heroes. However, some grannies have dangerous spikes entangled with their hair, and can harm the players if they try to jump on them.

Grannies slightly resemble the "Granny" suit from Rayman Raving Rabbids.


Rayman Origins

The story of Rayman Origins begins with a granny who lives in a hut situated under the same tree where Rayman, Globox, two Teensies and the Bubble Dreamer are taking a nap. She gets mad at their snoring and sends a group of Darktoons and Psychlops to see what's going on as she, freaked out, throws objects through the roots to attack them. Then she takes the skull of a male skeleton with glasses who was sleeping near to her (possibly her husband) and throws it through the roots too. It falls on Rayman's hand, and everybody (including the skull himself) screams scared. Then, the granny climbs through the tree with her minions, and indicates them to attack, shortly before being hit in the face with the sleepy skull. Then, a fight starts, and finally Rayman and friends lose, getting imprisoned inside of the Snoring Tree. Then, the adventure begins.

In-game, grannies are slow enemies, sometimes they don't even move, and use their handbags to attack Rayman and his friends. The required fast pace of the level turns them more into an obstacle than an enemy. They are easy to defeat and bubblize. Unlike other enemies, bubblized grannies seem to be more resistant than regular bubblized enemies, as they don't pop instantly when hit. If done with good timing, more than one player can jump on the same bubblized granny. In order to fight the grannies, Rayman has to collect all of the Skull Teeth to get to the Land of the Livid Dead.

Rayman Legends

Grannies make a return in Rayman Legends but only in the rhythm level based on the Land of the Livid Dead from the previous game. They all wear sunglasses and play electric guitars while flying on broomsticks and coffins. Although they don't seem to interfere on Rayman's path, Murfy can defeat them by tapping the touchscreen of the Wii U gamepad; this adds some Lums to the score. At the end of the level, four grannies turned on fire appear, rocking out with Rayman and his friends.

Rayman Fiesta Run

In this game, grannies appear as enemies in two levels that take place in the Land of the Livid Dead. These levels are "Back to the Roots" and "Leap of Faith".

Artwork of a Granny.
Granny wallpaper from Rayman Fiesta Run.
Granny wallpaper from Rayman Fiesta Run.