Shoot for the Stars

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Shoot for the Stars
Shoot for the Stars
Get Away! Don't Trample the Flowers
World Moody Clouds

RO-Electoon.png #1
RO-Electoon.png #2
150 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #3
300 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #4
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350 Lums
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Shoot for the Stars is a level in Rayman Origins. It is located in the Moody Clouds and is the last area of the game (not including the optional Land of the Livid Dead). This is the fourth level from this world and thirty-ninth overall that's included in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends.

Original version

This area takes place high in the clouds and starts out with the Magician running from Rayman and the team by jumping off a ledge. He reappears shortly after riding on a warship with a couple of Lividstones, who slap their behinds mockingly at the players. The heroes must get on the mosquitoes, and fly along with the warship in the background, fighting big mecha flies, small mecha flies, turrets, and helicopter bombs.

After a bit of this, the warship disappears, but the team continues on. After a while, they have to deal with red homing missiles, while the warship shows up in front of them, giving them a chance to shoot it. Then the warship returns to the background. They enter a very large structure, and the warship continues to return to the foreground for short periods of time (a hunter will appear on the airship later on to shoot red homing missiles at the team) before going back to the background.

The heroes and the warship end up in a dark place with red lights, triangular yellow signs with exclamation points on them, and arrows pointing towards the exit, indicating they are somewhere dangerous. The warship closes in on a huge orange sphere, much to the Magician's and the Lividstones' dismay, as they scream in fear as the ship taps the sphere, causing a large crack to form. This sphere turns out to be at the center of the huge floating city, which explodes due to the damage to the sphere. Rayman and his friends end up falling and landing back in the Snoring Tree, where they go back to sleeping and snoring loudly, as they had done at the start of the game. After this, the players pose on the photoboard, but naturally the Magician doesn't appear here to wait for the amount of Lums that were collected. After that, the credits play.

Shoot for the Stars
Shoot for the Stars
Mecha No Mistake! The Mamma of All Nightmares
World Mystical Pique

RL-Teensy.png 3

75 Lums
150 Lums
225 Lums
300 Lums

Back to Origins

In the Back to Origins version, there are not many differences between the original version; except of the notable elements from Rayman Legends replacing some of the elements from the game. The ending cutscene does not appear and instead the player will simply have to free a Teensie in order for the level to finish.

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