Forest (world)

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The Forest world

Forest’ is the second of the five worlds in the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It is based very strongly on the Dream Forest, one of the six worlds found in the original Rayman game.

The Dream Forest, the world from Rayman upon which the Forest world was based.

The Forest world is a unique throwback to the first game of the series; while each new Rayman instalment generally attempts to find its own aesthetic, distinct from those of its predecessors, this game seems intent on recapturing the visual style of Rayman, and nowhere is this more overt than in the Forest world. The plums, Hunters' hammers, piranhas and large-mouthed fish are all brought back nearly identical to their appearance in the original game; several of Rayman's giant plants and flowers are reproduced meticulously, and the butterflies, mushrooms, Hunters, Livingstones and lianas of the first game all return, albeit in altered forms. Elements from later Rayman games, such as the Lums from Rayman 2 and the squab enemies from Rayman 3, are also added.