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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Junior, Rayman Designer, Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance), Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
Location The Dream Forest, Band Land, Blue Mountains, Picture City, the Caves of Skops, Candy Château (Atari Jaguar version and Rayman Designer only), Forest world, Jibberish Jungle, Ticklish Temples

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Resistance 3 HP (Rayman, Rayman Junior, Rayman Designer)

1 HP (Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance), Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends)

Attacks Hammer-bullets, contact, live bullets

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Species Nightmare of Polokus

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These trigger-happy fools are more trouble than you might think. Bombastic Hunters pepper the Glade with random live ammunition. Though dressed rather ridiculously in pink, these men are verrry dangerous and surprisingly sharp shooters despite their bulging eyes.
—Official site, Rayman Origins

Hunters are recurring enemies in the Rayman series. They are static enemies, turning towards Rayman to shoot at him with their guns. They are first encountered in the the original Rayman game and its spinoffs, Rayman Junior and Rayman Designer. They make a return in Rayman Origins, where they are revealed to be the masters of the Livingstones. A variety of Hunters also appears in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, but they bear little resemblance to the Hunters in the other games.


In the original Rayman game, Hunters are limbless creatures with purple bodies, white hands and a red neckerchief, much like Rayman. However, they have big, cleft chins, bald heads with only two hairs, and stylish moustaches. They carry several ammunitions on their chests, which they seem to use to reload their guns. Their guns shoot slow-moving bullets; as the bullet glides through the air, a small door opens on its top and an arm extends from it. The arm waves a large wooden cartoonish mallet back and forth endlessly.

In the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, a different kind of limbless Hunters make an appearance. These Hunters have huge armoured bodies, and wear brown perforated explorer hats, similar to the Livingstones'. Their hats cover completely their faces. The only resemblance that these Hunters have with the original ones are their mallet-wielding bullets.

In Rayman Origins, they make another appearance, having a greater resemblance with the Hunters from the original Rayman game. However, like other returning characters, Hunters now have limbs, looking more human. They have several features of a stereotypical leading safari man, with a gigantic monocle (similar to the Water clowns') a combed hairstyle, and an enormous moustache. However, their clothes have extravagant colours: A purple coat, a pair of purple shorts (both wrongly described as "pink" on the launch website) and a red neckerchief with white spots. Their hairy hands and yellow, sharp teeth suggest that, like the Lividstones, Hunters possibly also have a poor personal hygiene. Like the original Hunters, they carry their ammunitions on their chests and have enormous cleft chins. This is the only appearance in which Hunters don't use mallet-wielding bullets as ammo. Instead, they use big live bullets with crazed smiley faces and red noses.

In Rayman and its spin-offs

Hunters make their first appearance in the original Rayman game, in the second phase of the level Pink Plant Woods. They can be found in each of the game's worlds; this makes them the second-most common enemy in the game, after the Antitoons. Hunters never move, they are static enemies that continually clean their guns with their neckerchiefs, aim them while sniggering, and then shoot a bullet at Rayman. A Hunter can only be hurt when he is cleaning his gun, as its gun blocks Rayman's telescopic fist when he is aiming it at him. Hunters' resistance is average. Their slow mallet-wielding bullets always move horizontally and are relatively easy to dodge, but have a wide range; Rayman is likely to get hurt if surprised by them.

At the end of the game, Hunters seem to become good people after Mr Dark is defeated, as there's a picture of a happy Hunter having a tea party with Betilla the Fairy during the credits sequence.

In Rayman Designer

In Rayman Designer, there are two types of Hunters, simply titled Hunter 1 and Hunter 2. Hunter 1 is identical to the Hunter which appears in the original game. Hunter 2 on the other hand, although very similar, will shoot his projectiles launching upwards rather than in a straight line forward. After gaining a bit of height they will then fall down in front of the Hunter making them harder to avoid.

The Hunters projectiles can be places as separate events in Rayman Designer, where they are titled Balls. These are usually linked to a gendoor and can only fly forward horizontally like the ones from Hunter 1.

In Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance)

A variety of Hunters also appear in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. They can only be found in the Forest world, a Dream Forest-inspired area containing plentiful references to the original Rayman game. Ingame, these big armoured Hunters bear little resemblance to their counterparts in the original, but the hammer-wielding bullets they fire are exactly the same.

These Hunters have a much lower resistance, being defeated with one regular punch. However, they protect themselves with their guns, and in order to make them vulnerable, Rayman must put his Goth costume on, and use the ability to spit gum to shoot at their cannons. With their guns filled with sticky bubble gum, the Hunters will be distracted, trying to pull it out. In that moment, Rayman can defeat them.

In Rayman Origins

A Hunter in the level Hi-Ho Moskito!.

The Hunters return in Rayman Origins and later the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends. Their behaviour is similar to the Hunters from the original Rayman game. They keep static, aiming horizontally at the players and then shooting blue live bullets. However, these bullets are much slower compared to the mallet-wielding bullets, and players can ride on them without getting harmed (similarly to shells), and use them as platforms in order to get to the Hunters, who usually stand in high places. Some Hunters shoot red live bullets, which act as homing missiles and follow the players for a certain period; those bullets are more dangerous, and players cannot ride on them. It is however possible to direct the homing missiles at the enemies themselves, which unlocks an achievement on Xbox 360 and a trophy on PlayStation 3 called Back At You!

Hunters are not as common as the original ones, appearing only in jungle levels like the Ticklish Temples. Like most of the enemies in Rayman Origins, Hunters can be bubblized with one single attack and take four mosquito shots to be defeated. During the Reveal, a Hunter, along with several Lividstones can be seen escaping in the Warship with the Magician, revealing a possible alliance. During the mosquito sequence, the Hunter is hidden inside of a tube, shooting his red homing bullets at the players, and eventually, coming out.

An artwork depicting a scrapped featherless bird-like creature can be seen, with a burned moustache and holding a scared Hunter's monocle. It is unknown what relationship was intended to be between Hunters and those birds. However, one of those birds can be seen on the box art of the game, along with other scrapped enemies.

In Rayman Legends

Hunters return, but they only appear in the Back to Origins levels.


  • They are the only characters in the franchise to have five fingers.

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