General Knowledge

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Rayman has to answer trivia questions regarding English speaking countries

General Knowledge is the fifteenth and penultimate level of English with Rayman, which is set in the Caves of Skops. The theme of the level includes abilities to respond to questions in English, and general trivia regarding English speaking countries. The Magician, Andrew, Betilla and her unnamed relative are all helper characters in this level, although Andrew asks all of the questions. If the player makes an attempt to use the 'in-built dictionary' during this level, they will simply be directed to 'ask their parents' for answers.

Part 1

Andrew reminds Rayman that he is almost there, and instructs him to answer the questions by grappling onto flying rings with the right answer. The questions in this level are typically common queries that would likely be heard in a conversation (for example, 'how are you'). Rayman must follow the answers that make sense as a response. At one point in the level, the game acknowledges the language setting that was selected in the main menu when asking about nationality. The answer will be either related to France, Spain, Germany or Italy depending on this. There is a Photographer after nearly every question, suggesting that the player is expected to make a few mistakes.

Part 2

Betilla introduces this level, which must be completed in under 2 minutes and 70 seconds. While playing the same as the first part, Rayman must now answer questions of basic knowledge regarding English speaking countries (for example - 'Where is Hyde Park?'). At the end of the level, Andrew congratulates him for a final time.