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Rayman has to answer simple yes and no questions by riding Flying saucers

Sports is the ninth level of English with Rayman, set in the Caves of Skops. The theme of the level is sport, as implied by the title, and features the Magician and Andrew as the helper characters who give questions and instructions.

Part 1

Similar to the gameplay in At School, Rayman must identify which items, stated by Andrew, are used in sport by jumping on Flying Saucers which display yes and no answers. Much like before, various obstacles, such as spiky balls, stakes and Antitoons lie in his path, and must be avoided.

Part 2

In a time limit of three minutes, Rayman must use the flying saucers to navigate around a maze, this time identifying which words are not used in sport, and collecting the tings with the right answers. He must be careful, as many paths lead to dead ends which slow him down. When he has successfully completed this task, he must make his way to the exit sign, where Andrew is waiting for him.