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A flying ring is an object in the original Rayman game and its spin-offs which allows Rayman to reach inaccessible places.

In Rayman and its spin-offs

In the original Rayman game, Rayman will be able to use the flying rings when he gets the grappling fist power from Betilla the Fairy. He simply has to punch them and then Rayman will swing on an invisible rope, materialized by a sparkling line (except in the Atari Jaguar version of the game, Rayman Junior and English with Rayman, in which the sparkling effect is not present). Some of them, recognisable by their reddish colour and their black eye, start falling as soon as Rayman hits them.

In Rayman Designer

The flying rings make a return in Rayman Designer, where there are several types to choose from.

  • Steady ring - A stationary ring.
  • Horizontal ring - Moves back and forth horizontally.
  • Vertical ring - Moves back and forth vertically.
  • Ring that goes to the right - Moves to the right.
  • Ring that goes to the left - Moves to the left.
  • Ring that goes up - Moves up.
  • Ring that goes down - Moves down.
  • Falling ring - Moves down after Rayman has punched it.

In Rayman (Game Boy Color) and Rayman 2 Forever

Flying rings also appear in the Game Boy Color versions of Rayman and Rayman 2, and fulfill the same role as their counterparts on the console versions do.

In two levels of the Game Boy Color version of Rayman, Fiery Depths and Dark Legacy, bats carrying rings can be found. When Rayman grabs onto them, they go and stay up. When he lets go, they go down. They can also hurt Rayman.

In the cancelled 2D version of Rayman 2

The red falling rings were going to appear in the 2D version of Rayman 2 but was ultimately cancelled. Oddly, these falling rings were not going to move down when Rayman punches them. They would have stayed stationary like the purple rings, as demonstrated in the playable prototype level in the PlayStation version of the final game.

In other games

In Rayman 2, the flying rings are replaced by the Purple Lums. In a similar way to the original Rayman, Rayman will be able to use the Purple Lums once he acquires the power to grab onto them, this time from Ly the Fairy. In Rayman 3, the flying rings are replaced by the flying hooks, which are used when Rayman has the LockJaw. In Rayman Origins, the flying rings are replaced by the Swingmen.

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