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Alignment Good

Appears in English with Rayman
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Portrayed by Nicholas Mead

Sex Male
Species Rayman's species
Status Helper character; teacher

Relatives The Magician (cousin)

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Andrew is a character who appears only in English with Rayman, where he plays a vital role in the game's story and acts as an English teacher for Rayman. He is the cousin of the Magician.

Andrew is said to be English – the entire English with Rayman game is strongly disconnected from the rest of the Rayman series in that it attempts to blend real-world locations (such as the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center) with the locations of the valley. The game also contains references to other countries, including Ireland and Scotland. No trace of this real-world connection is present in any other Rayman game, including Rayman Junior.


Andrew's appearance is somewhat inconsistent throughout English with Rayman, although it clearly seen that highly resembles his cousin. In game, Andrew's hat as a helper character is like the Magician's except that it is half bright-blue and half bright-red in colour, and dotted with white stars. These colours appear to have been chosen as they represent both the flags of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, both being English speaking countries.

However, when he appears full-bodied at the end of each level, Andrew looks identical to his cousin in every way. This is because the same animation data is used for the Magician in Rayman Junior, who performs the same role. In the PlayStation port, the animations are absent, and Andrew stands idly at the exit instead.

At one point in the introductory sequence, the Magician's family photo album is seen. Here, Andrew is revealed to have a shirt with a striped pattern of two colours, although what these are is unknown as the photos are in grey scale. It is likely that they would match the colour scheme of his hat, although this cannot be confirmed.

In English with Rayman

At the beginning of the game, the Magician is standing with Betilla the Fairy outside a toadstool-like house. The Magician suddenly receives a letter from his cousin Andrew, containing a magic formula – this letter plays the same role as the Magic Book of Knowledge in Rayman Junior. Mr Dark spies the letter containing the formula, and attacks, stealing it and temporarily transforming the Magician and Betilla into garden gnomes. Once they recover, they call Rayman and ask him to recover the letter, with the help of Andrew.

Much like in Rayman Junior, throughout English with Rayman, Rayman is guided through the levels by helper character's hats, who give him instructions and ask the educational questions which he must answer to progress. The hats of the Magician and Betilla appear to give Rayman the level's instructions in the language that was selected at the beginning of the game (either in French, Spanish, German or Italian). However the hats of Andrew and an English Betilla (who appears to be an unnamed relative of her, complete with a similar design of hat to Andrew) play the larger role in the game, not only giving instructions in English at the beginning of each level but also being the ones that ask the questions.

At the end of each level, Andrew appears by the exit sign to congratulate Rayman in the same way that the Magician congratulated him at the end of levels in Rayman Junior.


  • In the manual for the PlayStation version of Rayman Junior, there is a section that explains what the Magician's hat does in game. However the picture that goes alongside it is of Andrew's hat, despite the fact that he does not appear in the game.