Hatman Ninja

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Hatman Ninja
Hatman Ninja Stack.png
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Adventures
Location Wild, Wild East

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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Contact, karate chop

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Species Ninja

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Hatman Ninja is one of the enemies introduced in Wild, Wild East and is a new type of enemy that debuts in Rayman Adventures. They are creatures that stack upon one another in order to create a barrier to prevent the player from progressing. They are never found alone. If the player happens to come in contact with either one of the Hatman Ninjas, they will kick the player, hurting the player. If the player comes close to a Hatman Ninja, the ninja will try to attack the player with a karate chop. If the player happens to perform a ground pound on top of a Hatman Ninja, they will bounce off the ninja without bubblizing it, similar to Baby Dragon Waiters. A gong sound effect will play if the player ground pounds a Hat Ninja.


Hatman Ninjas are small, blue humanoid creatures that wear flat, conical-like hats. The hat has faded, red stripes that connect to a red circle that surrounds the center. And within the center is a metal plate that is modeled after a lion.They have no visible eyes whatsoever. Hatman Ninjas wear karate outfits. The jacket and pants are navy blue. The cuffs of both the jackets and pants have dark red tape on them. They also have dark blue belts around their waste.

They are the same size as Minotaurs and have the same body type as them. Hatman Ninjas share this with their other Ninja brethren, Swordsman Ninja and Dual Swordsman Ninja.