Wild, Wild East

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Wild, Wild East
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Wild, Wild East is the fifth world in Rayman Adventures. It is unlocked once the Sacred Tree grows to at least 480 meters high. Unlike other worlds, which are directly inspired from worlds featuring in Rayman Legends, the Wild, Wild East takes some inspiration from the Dojo, but also utilizes unique assets. It uses tracks from the Dojo, Mystical Pique and a scrapped track from Rayman Origins. Dragons which act similarly to snakes seen in the Desert of Dijiridoos can also be seen in this world.


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Rayman Adventures

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Colorful Countryside

The Colorful Countryside levels take place in a countryside environment with grass, buildings and water.

Urban Jungle

The Urban Jungle theme greatly resembles the Candy World theme form Rayman Fiesta Run.

Snowy Peaks

The Snowy Peaks levels has a snowy mountain background, similarly to that of Mystical Pique from Rayman Origins.

Deadly Dojo

The Deadly Dojo theme is based on the Dojo theme from Rayman Legends.

The Golden Kingdom

The Golden Kingdom is a location that appeared during the Golden Marathon event. It takes place within the Snowy Peaks, but it shares many similarities with Land of the Livid Dead as it does take place within a marathon event.


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