List of achievements and trophies in Rayman 3 HD

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Throughout the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, achievements are given for performing certain actions, such as rescuing all the Teensies, collecting all the superpowers, etc. There are 12 achievements in total, and there are no hidden achievements. The game is the second in the Rayman series to have PlayStation 3 trophies (being the first one Rayman Origins) and the third to have Xbox 360 achievements (the first being the Xbox 360 version of Rayman Raving Rabbids and the second being Rayman Origins).

Icon Name Xbox 360


PS3 Trophy


PSN-WIMA.PNG Where is my Andy? 10G PSN-Trophy bronze.png "Complete all the chapters."
PSN-PNNA.PNG Perfection needs no arms 100G PSN-Trophy gold.png "Complete every chapter with a perfect score."
PSN-HOTT.PNG Hero of the Teensies 10G PSN-Trophy bronze.png "Save every Teensie in the game."
PSN-PC.PNG Pest control 10G PSN-Trophy silver.png "Find and get the bonus score of every Matuvu."
PSN-FP.PNG Flower power 10G PSN-Trophy silver.png "Find and get the bonus score of every Tribelle."
PSN-GISI.PNG Green's so in 10G PSN-Trophy silver.png "Get all the Green Jewels."
PSN-COG.PNG Coin-op gamer 10G PSN-Trophy bronze.png "Unlock and play all the arcade games."
PSN-HOTP.PNG Hands on the prize 10G PSN-Trophy bronze.png "Retrieve Rayman's hands from Globox."
PSN-TATS.PNG Taste All the Superpowers 5G PSN-Trophy bronze.png "Collect every superpower."
PSN-PPO.PNG Patience pays off 10G PSN-Trophy bronze.png "Watch the real ending."
PSN-JJ.PNG Junior Journalist 10G PSN-Trophy bronze.png "Take your first picture in the game."
PSN-DTM.PNG Disco Trip Master 10G PSN-Trophy silver.png "Complete any disco trip without retrying."