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Rayman 3 HD
Rayman 3 HD
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Shanghai

Directed by {{{directed by}}}
Produced by {{{produced by}}}
Designed by Michaël Janod with Olivier Palmieri, Benjamin Haddad, Frédéric Gaveau, Éric Couzian, Xavier Plagnal, Jérôme Collette, Olivier Barbier, Yann Leclerc
Programmed by {{{programmed by}}}
Art by {{{art by}}}
Written by David Neiss (story and dialogue)
Soundtrack by Plume, Fred Leonard, Laurent Parisi

Release date PlayStation 3, Xbox 360:

Globe.png 21st March, 2012
Xbox One:
Globe.png 12th November, 2015

Genre 3D platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms Sony PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Network), Microsoft Xbox 360 and Microsoft Xbox One (Xbox Live Arcade)
Ratings 3+ (ESPLA), 3+ (PEGI), E (ESRB)
Distribution media Digital download
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Rayman 3 HD is a high-definition[1] remaster of Rayman 3. It was released on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and the Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 on the 21st March, 2012. Rayman 3 HD features minor enhancements to visuals, such as a remade HUD, and makes a few changes in numerous areas. It was announced that the servers would shut down on November 11, 2017 or November 19, 2018, thus making the leaderboards inaccessible.[2] This did however not turn out to be the case and the servers are still up in 2022.

It was announced on the 9th November, 2015 that Rayman 3 HD would be among the first group of titles that were to be Xbox One backward compatible.[3] This version was updated with a new logo and fixed minor graphical glitches.

Differences from Rayman 3

  • The Hoodlum Havoc subtitle has been removed, and the font of the logo has been changed to match that of Rayman Origins.
  • The game now features subtitles for the cutscenes and some other in-game dialogue.
  • The original version opened with a gameplay trailer cut to Groove Armada's 'Madder'. This has been removed and replaced with a new trailer featuring new music.
  • The intro sequence originally began with the classic Ubi Soft logo, used for the first three Rayman games, overlaid against a night sky. This has been cut.
  • Rayman 3 HD features audio problems. Many music tracks start later than they should, and often contain glitches.
  • In the Fairy Council, a Ludiv originally spoke the line 'Oh my God, what is going on here?' In Rayman 3 HD, this line is censored to 'What is going on here?' However, the words 'Oh my God' seen in the Crush minigame remain uncensored.
  • Parts of the sky above the Clearleaf Forest have become black, and the colour of the water has undergone strange changes. The reasons for such discolourings are currently unknown.
  • In the third part of the Longest Shortcut, the room where Rayman must hit a machine with curved punches has the wall on the left moved closer inside, making it smaller.
  • The bonus section of the game contains an "extra" which is a gallery of the artworks seen in the Rayman Origins art booklet which came with the collector's edition.
  • The shadows of objects and characters have been known to glitch up, often passing directly through surfaces and appearing/disappearing at random. The shadows also sometimes are not cast according to the location of the light source, and instead appear directly beneath the caster. This is likely due to a lack of testing when experimenting with the newer shading technology.
  • The jewels and Red Lums now cast light onto the geometry around them, as opposed to the original version, where only a glowing texture was placed around them.
  • The Grand Minimus's crown is now transparent.
  • Level scores are now shown at the end of boss battle sections.

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  1. The game runs at 720p (1280 × 720), the minimum standard for high-definition, and does not support higher resolutions, while the original version of the game on PC can be configured to use any resolution, including 1080p and higher.
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  3. Introducing Your First 104 Xbox One Backward Compatible Games