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The Bo-peeps are chameleons who hide all over the place. You can hear them whistling when you’re near them. Use the Look mode and centre the camera on them. Each Bo-peep you uncover scores 250 points.
—Manual, Rayman 3
Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman 3
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Sex Male
Species Matuvu
Status Background character

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A Matuvu (from the French m'as-tu-vu [‘show-off’], literally ‘did-you-see-me’), also known as a Bo-peep,[1] is a small chameleon-like creature that that can be found clinging to surfaces in various locations throughout Rayman 3. They are blue and yellow in colour. The player will hear them whistle if they are near, and they can be discovered in camera mode. Once the red circle is positioned on a Matuvu, 250 points (by default) will be added to the score after a brief moment. Finding all the Matuvus (by looking and having score added) in Rayman 3 HD unlocks the trophy/achievement Pest control.

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