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Rayman rides his funkyboard through the second Teensie Highway.
The Teensies may be in trouble, but they’ve still got flair – to help Rayman get from one world to another, the Teensies have provided full access to the Teensie Highways. Suspended in psychedelic space and enhanced by pulsating soundtracks, the Highways are loaded with treasure. But Rayman can’t get distracted – one false move, and down he goes! The always-helpful Teensies, however, are at the ready with mini-copters to get him moving again.
—Press release, Rayman 3[1]
The idea of the staves inspired the graphic designer and the team to create themes. So the first Highway only uses psychedelic elements – big hearts, or peace symbols with disco music. The second one uses more colours, and motifs from the 1980s. These elements are very vivid for the player. He has a good laugh when he lands up in these slightly screwball universes!
—Developer interview, RaymanZone

The Teensie Highways, also known as the Disco Trips, are a series of psychedelic wormholes which appear in Rayman 3.


They are used by the Teensies to traverse great distances. While passing through the Teensie Highways, Rayman uses his funkyboard to skate at high speed along the glowing staves, jumping from one to another and collecting gems. Globox hangs upside-down from a helicopter piloted by a Teensie. If Rayman falls off the staves, the helicopter grabs him and places him at the most recent checkpoint.

There are three Teensie Highways in the game. The first Teensie Highway takes Rayman and Globox from the Fairy Council to Clearleaf Forest, where the Grand Minimus has told them they can find the Teensie doctor, Otto Psi. The second Teensie Highway is meant to take them from Otto's office in the Clearleaf Forest to Roméo Patti's office in the Land of the Livid Dead; unfortunately this Teensie Highway is broken, and the heroes become lost in a dimensional rift. Rayman lands in the Bog of Murk, in the outhouse of the witch Bégoniax, thus provoking her wrath. The third Teensie Highway takes them from the Land of the Livid Dead to the Desert of the Knaaren, where they can find Gonzo, the third and final Teensie doctor.

The developers shared some information regarding the Teensie Highways in a 2003 interview with RaymanZone. The platforms Rayman skates across are referred to as staves. It appears that the Teensie Highways are meant to have a very strong connection with music; like Band Land in the original Rayman game, the very platforms Rayman uses here are made of music. The inspiration for the third and final Teensie Highway is not revealed; however, it is notable for including a screenshot from the original game as one of the fleeting background images.

Another Easter Egg can be found near the beginning of the first Teensie Highway. Located to the left near the huge letters saying "LOVE" is where the USS Enterprise from Star Trek can be seen flying behind the letters. It is not easy to get a good look at it; jumping off the staves will give the player the best view. The Enterprise was probably placed here because the Teensie Highway is a wormhole, and wormholes are encountered frequently by the Enterprise - this location, out of all the places Rayman visits in the game, makes the most sense for the ship to be in.

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