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The Heebie-jeebies are elegant young lady butterflies who’re extremely timorous. If you approach them slowly, you can obtain 250 points. But if you’re too quick, the terrified Heebie-jeebie flies off to see its shrink!
—Manual, Rayman 3
Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman 3
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Sex Female
Species Tribelle
Status Background character

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A Tribelle, also known as a Heebie-jeebie,[1] is a small female butterfly that is found hidden in various places in Rayman 3. It is red and yellow in colour, and gets its name from the three leaf-like parts on its head. They make a distinct shimmering sound when the player is near but are very shy, so the player has to approach them very slowly and quietly so as not to startle them. If startled, they will disappear to see their shrink. If approached correctly, they will add 250 points (by default) to the score. Walking to all the Tribelles (without awakening them) in Rayman 3 HD unlocks the trophy/achievement Flower power.

It is unknown if the Tribelles have any connection to the other species of butterfly, like the Popolopoïs. It is also unknown if there is any connection between the Tribelles and the Squabs encountered in Rayman 3.


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