Pink Plant Woods

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Pink Plant Woods
Pink Plant Woods
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Pink Plant Woods (French: La Forêt PrimordialeThe Primordial Forest) is the first level of the Dream Forest, the first of the six worlds featured in the original Rayman game. It consists of four parts at the first time it is played; when it is replayed, it consists of only three parts, as the third part was the one in which Betilla the Fairy gave Rayman his telescopic fist power.

In addition to being the first location visited in the first game, these woods were also the place of Rayman's birth, as shown in an early trailer for the sequel game, Rayman Origins.

While this location is called la Forêt Primordiale (the Primordial Forest) in the original French version of the first game, it is renamed to ‘Pink Plant Woods’ in the English localisation. However, Rayman Origins reverts to a direct translation of the original French name.

Part 1

This is a very short level which allows the player to become familiar with the controls. At this point, Rayman begins with no powers, except the power to use the grimace, which does not become useful until the next phase.

Part 2

A Livingstone running away, from being scared of Rayman's grimace power.

Rayman will have to ignore all of the cages in this phase. Once he is granted powers by Betilla the Fairy, he will be able to reach them and break them open when revisiting the level.

Bonus level

Part 3

Rayman is given his first power by Betilla the Fairy.

Rayman is bestowed his first power, the telescopic fist, by Betilla the Fairy.

Part 4

Livingstones are the main enemies in the Dream Forest.

Rayman can now use his telescopic fist to break the three cages of this level open.

Bonus level

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