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The Magician can take Rayman to a bonus level for a price of ten Tings.

Bonus levels are minigames in the original Rayman game. They can be accessed by approaching the Magician's hat, which can be found in a total of 11 locations throughout the game. If Rayman has 10 or more Tings in his inventory, he will automatically hand them over to the Magician. They appear as a handful of sparkling pink dust. Once Rayman is inside a bonus level, he is given a time limit and a number of Tings to collect, both of which are specific to that particular bonus level. If Rayman collects all the level's Tings within the time limit, he is given an extra life. The player can also return to a completed bonus level and attempt to beat their finishing-time record, but doing so will not grant any more lives.

In the Game Boy Color version of Rayman, the bonus-level entrance is an arrowed table, which is picked up by an Electoon.

List of bonus levels in Rayman

Location Tings to collect Time limit (seconds) Time limit, Game Boy Advance (seconds)
Pink Plant Woods (phase 2) 10 25 40
Pink Plant Woods (phase 4) 13 35 60
The Swamps of Forgetfulness (phase 3) 12 30 60
Moskito's Nest (phase 1) 17 45 90
Bongo Hills (phase 4) 13 40 80
Allegro Presto (phase 3) 12 25 50
The Hard Rocks (phase 2) 15 45 80
Mr Stone's Peaks (phase 4) 13 20 40
Eraser Plains (phase 3) 15 35 70
Space Mama's Crater (phase 2) 16 50 100
Crystal Palace (phase 2) 11 35 70

List of bonus levels in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman

In this game, there are signs leading to a bonus level that are hidden in every level. They are held by an Electoon which jumps on the spot. The purpose of these bonus levels are identical to those of the first Rayman; Collect all Tings before the time runs out to obtain a life. There are 13 bonus levels, each has a specific number of Tings and time limit.

Location Tings to collect Time Limit (seconds)
Spellbound Forest (Section 2) 8 15
Spellbound Forest (Section 4) 20 40
Airy Tunes (Section 3) 20 40
Airy Tunes (Section 4) 30 75
Rainy Forest (Section 1) 35 65
Rocky Peaks (Section 1) 21 44
Rocky Peaks (Section 3) 54 75
Ancient Forest (Section 1) 14 65
Ancient Forest (Section 2) 32 85
Fiery Depths (Section 2) 32 60
Fiery Depths (Section 4) 29 80
Arcane Forest (Section 1) 75 35
Arcane Forest (Section 4) 30 60



  • When Rayman begins to give the Magician the ten Tings, the animation shows that Rayman actually gives a bunch of Electoons instead. This could be an early animation that didn't get adjusted for the final version.