The Magic Rubbers

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The Magic Rubbers is an activity from Rayman Activity Centre, which is accessible via the world map. The Magician leads Rayman through a maze of rubbers in Picture City in an attempt to help him improve his time. After this, the Magician then tells the player that is their turn to direct Rayman. The activity acts as a top down maze game, with gimmicks based on the original Rayman game


While new gimmicks are introduced on each level, the basic gameplay remains the same. This is the only activity where players actually get a chance to control Rayman, which is done using the arrow keys. He must make his way to the exit, which is represented by a finish line. Rayman will do a different victory dance at random every time he beats a maze.

Level 1

On the first difficulty setting, the mazes are short and simple and Rayman does not have to worry about any obstacles or gameplay gimmicks. When all the mazes are complete, Rayman races a snail to the finish line. However, believing that he has plenty of time to play around before winning, he flies to another part of the maze and starts dancing. In this time, the snail beats him, and Rayman grimaces at him in frustration.

Level 2

In this level, the mazes are larger in size, and scrolling is introduced. Rayman also encounters plums, which are found at the edge of certain platforms. He can push them into ink pools to fill gaps in the maze and walk safely across. Some rubbers are covered in ink, which means that Rayman can slide across them. He also has to avoid walking into Antitoons, referred to here as 'Toons'. After every maze is complete, Rayman races a giant ladybird. However, he becomes distracted and decides to teleport to another part of the maze and tiptoe across a pencil. Pleased with his success at doing this, he starts to cartwheel and juggle, before flying back up to the race. Unfortunately, when he gets there it is too late and the ladybird has already won. Rayman looks at the player and shrugs his shoulders.

Level 3

The final level features the largest mazes. Rayman is also given the ability to jump with the space bar. However, he can only jump between blue rebounding rubbers. Rayman's final race is against a tortoise. This time he makes attempt to join in, but has trouble getting past the tortoise, which he tries to push along. He then makes an attempt at a shortcut by jumping around the maze, but the tortoise still wins. Rayman pulls a face at him, and then turns around a slips on some ink that was on one of the rubbers.