The Pirate Mines

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The Pirate Mines
The Pirate Mines
The Precipice The Echoing Caves
Hub Rainbow Creek

Lums 15 Familiar Spirits 1

The Pirate Mines is a location in Rayman Revolution, which was part of the Iron Mountains in Rayman 2, and is now accessed from Rainbow Creek.

PlayStation 2 version

Phase 1

Rayman arrives in a small valley with some structures and what appears to be a parked warship. It is here that the Yellow Lums and the lone cage for the level can be found. Beyond this place, Rayman makes his way across several wooden bridges over a larger valley until he finds Uglette, sitting by herself, weeping. As Rayman goes to ask her what's wrong, she explains that the pirates have taken away all of her babies. She also tells him Globox tried to stop them but he was kidnapped and taken to their prison ship. Rayman has to rescue the baby Globoxes in the mines by using a Robo-Pirate warship. After all of the baby Globoxes are saved from the four corners of the mines, Uglette is returned to her normal self and a baby Globox gives Rayman the Rain Mask so he can dance to grow plants and short-circuit electrical barriers that block his path. Uglette leaves in the warship, allowing Rayman to free the Teensie cage and leave via a Spiral Door.

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