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The UbiArt engine is a game engine used by Ubisoft and created to make it easier for artists to implement their graphics and animations into a game.


The engine was originally developed for Rayman Origins and was originally planned to be open-source and available to the public. However as the project grew in complexity it was decided against it and the engine remained closed source.

In an interview with IGN in April 2019[1] Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot explains why the framework isn't being used as much anymore, stating the "tools were difficult to use". He however goes on by saying that “It’s still there, and you will see other things using it, but it’s not as predominant as it used to be”. As of 2020 the engine is only being used for Just Dance, mobile games and ports.

Common formats

Archives (.ipk)

The majority of the UbiArt games use IPK files to store all related game files. This format is a custom archive file where multiple files can be packed, maintaining their original directory structure. Files can be compressed, which is usually only the case for larger textures. The majority of the games use zlib compression while later games use LZMA.

Actors (.act)

Actors are objects that behaves in a certain way. They can behave on their own or react to events. Common actors are playable characters and enemies.


Friezes are static scenery objects, such as level environments.

Scenes (.isc)

Scenes are a collection of actors and friezes, usually some sort of game map. These can be game levels, menus etc.


The following games use the UbiArt engine:

Name PC Nintendo Wii Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Wii U Nintendo Switch PlayStation 3 PlayStation Vita PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One Android iOS Mac Apple TV Windows Phone
Rayman Origins
Rayman Jungle Run
Rayman Legends Challenges App
Rayman Legends
Just Dance 2014
Just Dance Kids 2014
Rayman Fiesta Run
Child of Light
Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Just Dance 2015
Rayman Adventures
Just Dance 2016
Just Dance Disney Party 2
Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets
Just Dance 2017
Just Dance 2018
Just Dance 2019
Rayman Mini
Just Dance 2020

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