One-Eyed Harpist

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One-Eyed Harpist
One-Eyed Harpist
Alignment Presumably good

Appears in Rayman Legends, Rayman Adventures
Location A Cloud of Darkness!, Sacred Tree
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Species Cyclops
Status Background element

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The One-Eyed Harpist, also called Cyclops, is a character that appears in Rayman Legends and Rayman Adventures as a background element.


The One-Eyed Harpist is a hideous creature that has two hairy arms and an eye with a thick black eyebrow. He has legs, but they are only visible on a concept art of the character where the Harpist holds a Darktoon in his right hand. His legs are not visible in the game files of Rayman Legends.

He is shirtless but he carries two gold bracelets; according to a concept art, the design of his bracelets were different. In his right hand he holds his lyre.

In Rayman Legends

He appears at the end of the game, playing the lyre, after the defeat of Hades' Hand. He may be celebrating the defeat of the cloud. The song played by the harpist isn't audible when the victory song is played. The victory song stops when the heroes encounter the last Dark Teensy, and at this moment, the song played by the Harpist is quite audible.

In Rayman Adventures

He becomes visible in the background of the Sacred Tree when it has grown up to approximately halfway level 11.