A Cloud of Darkness!

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A Cloud of Darkness!
A Cloud of Darkness!
Hell Breaks Loose Dragon Slayer
World Olympus Maximus

RL-Teensy.png 3

25 Lums
50 Lums
75 Lums
100 Lums

A Cloud of Darkness! is the ninth level of Olympus Maximus, the fifth world in Rayman Legends. This is where the fight against Hades' Hand takes place. It is the last boss level of the game.


Rayman and the team remain in the rocky labyrinth, where it is unusually quiet. Once they land on a strange pillar, a living hand appears that looks like it was made of many dark creatures. The heroes must acquire the Blue Punch from Gandalf before they can fight it. When it is destroyed, a wind current takes the players up near an area with rock formations in the background. The mouths of these rock creatures spit out more of what created the small hand, and create two more creatures that the heroes now must destroy with the Blue Punch.

After that is done, another wind current takes the team upward again. They find themselves in the sky on three stationary platforms, as an even larger creature forms and becomes Hades' Hand. Again, the heroes must use the Blue Punch to destroy Hades' Hand. They need to do it quickly, as the creature will form back together after a certain period of time. Once it is finally defeated, the platforms will take the team to safe and peaceful ground, where a tune from Rayman Origins plays.

The Dark Teensy is nearby and gets stuck; allowing the heroes to get rid of all of the Dark Teensies from the Glade of Dreams. All of the Dark Teensies suffer the same fate, as the level and game is completed. The players are taken to the credits with the Dark Teensies stuck on a moon as the backdrop.

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