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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3
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Sex Female
Species Hoodlum
Status Subordinates of André

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The Cagoulettes[1] are characters that appear in Rayman 3.

Description and appearance

The Cagoulettes are female Hoodlums. Their name is the female version of "Cagoulard", the term that was used for the Hoodlums during the development of Rayman 3. They never appear in person, but can be seen depicted in various places. In the shooting range in the Hoodlum Headquarters, Cagoulettes are roughly drawn on some of the targets. Their appearance consists of a balaclava, a body and skin-colored mittens. They wear a purple hat decorated with a flower, a blonde wig, lipstick and a mauve dress decorated with a heart in the center. The Hoodlums that practice in the shooting range are penalized if they hit these targets as the Cagoulettes represent an ally to them.

In the Hoodlum Headquarters, a Cagoulette can be heard through an intercom, who presents herself as the hostess of the place. She follows the progress of Rayman and Globox, giving them information about each new section they discover.

In the files of Rayman 3 HD, two images representing Cagoulettes can be found. The first one consists of a purple body, a hood and pink mittens; she is wearing a purple hat, lipstick and a pink bikini. The second one consists of a balaclava, a body and green mittens where she is wearing a green hat and lipstick. The different parts of the costumes they wear are roughly sewn together. It is unclear why they were removed from the final version of Rayman 3 and where they would have appeared in the game.


  • In the Spanish version of Rayman 3, the in-game description mentions that the Grim Keeper is a former female private teacher, which would make this Hoodlum a Cagoulette in this version.

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  1. The name comes from the Rayman 3 HD files.