Hoodlum Headquarters

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Hoodlum Headquarters
Hoodlum Headquarters
The Summit Beyond the Clouds The Tower of the Leptys
Murfy's score: 43701
Maximum score: 120709

Matuvus 5 Tribelles 3
Cages 7
Constructed from spare parts, bits of machinery, and plenty of Hoodlum elbow grease, the Hoodlum Meddleworks is the production center for all Hoodlum munitions. It’s also where the Hoodlums covet their treasured Plum Juice recipe.
—Press release, Rayman 3

The Hoodlum Headquarters, also known as the Hoodlum Meddleworks or the Hoodlum Factory, is the penultimate level in Rayman 3. After climbing to the top of the Summit Beyond the Clouds, Rayman is forced to snowboard after his frozen friend Globox. When Rayman manages to pass him their weight combined manages to break the stone shelf they were standing on, tumbling them into the headquarters. The headquarters is overseen by the game's main villain, André, who uses tricks and traps to capture Globox.

As a level

Stage 1 - The Welcome Desk and the Warehouse

Rayman and Globox arrive through a pipe, and find themselves at the entrance to the headquarters. The hostess begins welcoming the duo, and Globox immediately falls in love with her voice. After fighting a Grim Keeper, the duo proceed through a narrow passageway to get to the 'welcome desk', where the hostess is stationed. Unfortunately, a Spinneroo guards the entrance, and if Rayman tries to attack him, an out-of-reach Hoodoo will protect his companion from harm. Rayman finds another route, up a ladder, to get to the Hoodoo, but the floor breaks and Rayman finds himself traveling down another pipe to the Warehouse, where the Hoodlums test their weapons. Eventually, after defeating some of the Hoodlums on the lower level and advancing upwards, Rayman must carry several rocks up slopes whilst avoiding plum juice grenades thrown by an enthusiastic Hoodboom to reach a switch that lowers the platform the Hoodoo was standing on. After defeating the Hoodoo and the Spinneroo, Rayman and Globox head into the next room, where a wooden cut-out of a bikini-clad female member of Globox's species has been set up. Globox runs over to hug the cut-out, but falls into a trap whilst doing so. André then starts talking over the intercom about how Rayman will be next to fall into a trap. Rayman must go up and defeat a Stumbleboom that contains a Heavy Metal Fist to break down a door to progress.

Stage 2 - The Firing Range

Rayman arrives in a room full of Hoodlums, and a claw machine carrying a screaming Globox, who is upside-down. Once Rayman beats all the Hoodlums, a pair of Hoodstormers will come out of a machine. Once they are defeated, a Heckler will appear. Rayman must defeat it to leave the room. As Globox is upside-down, all the blood is rushing to his head, and he becomes more intelligent as a result. Rayman must use the Shock Rocket to shoot a Hoodmonger that has raised some needed crates to continue on. After getting the crates down through a switch, Rayman needs to defeat two Hoodoos, one protecting a Hoodmonger Soldier, and the other a Hoodmonger Officer. Once completed, Rayman jumps down another pipe and manages to lose sight of the now intelligent Globox, ending up in the firing range, where, to open a door, Rayman must move a stone onto a pressure pad. When he carries it halfway through, a Hoodmonger will appear and blast its own head off. Rayman must then battle the three remaining Hoodmongers in the firing range itself, filled with a variety of weapons. Once they are all defeated, the hostess locks the entrance and complains that André isn't pleased that Rayman's still alive, so until the Hoodlums learn how to shoot, they will remain locked in the firing range. Rayman must destroy several targets of himself and Globox and avoid shooting the hostess targets to escape the firing range.

Stage 3 - The Foundry

Rayman enters the foundry, where he must scale large contraptions to follow Globox. It starts with jumping from crate to crate and avoiding the hot lava. Once he reaches a ladder and defeats a Hoodboom, Rayman will now jump from metal plate to metal plate that are moving on a conveyor belt. After reaching another ladder to progress upwards, doors open, and one at a time comes a Hoodmonger, Hoodmonger Soldier, and Hoodmonger Officer in that order. Upon defeating another Hoodmonger Officer guarding a switch, once Rayman activates it more metal plates are moving, this time in a vertical way needed to continue. After dodging some obstacles and timing jumps, Rayman reaches the end. The door behind and in front of him close, as a Heckler whom is protected by a Hoodoo appears. When the Hoodoo is defeated, out comes a Heavy Metal Fist can, needed to destroy the Heckler. The door leading to the exit opens as the Heckler is destroyed.

Secret area

There is a chamber hidden inside the boiler that contains a statue of Admiral Razorbeard and many of his Robo-Pirate henchmen standing behind a table, spoofing the Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Stage 4 - The Hall of the Horrible Machine

Rayman arrives in a narrow area where several wooden planks are being transported through scalding pipes. Below lies many pigpots, one contains a green gem. Globox can be seen, and Rayman must follow him up until he gets trapped inside another room, full of Armaguiddons. Rayman must go an alternate route, but runs into the Horrible Machine, which he must fight by filling up its pressure gauge. Eventually, the Horrible Machine is defeated, and in a last-ditch attempt to stop Rayman, André opens up floodgates holding back lava.

Stage 5 - The lava run

André unleashes a lava flood, which Rayman must run from. Occasionally, Slapdashes block his path. When Rayman completes this stage, the factory explodes, destroying the headquarters and killing a proportion of André's army. Both André, Rayman, and many others Hoodlums survive the suicide attempt. André then appears at the Tower of the Leptys to meet with Reflux, as he gains the immense power of the Leptys.

Images from the early production of Rayman 3


  • A replica of the Eiffel Tower built entirely from plum juice crates can be seen in the Welcome Desk.
  • The temperature in the headquarters is 98.6 degrees, according to the hostess.

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